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FoxBurner QT 9 Sample Available

The new FoxBurner QT 9 sample is available. Verified with QT 6.02 / 64bit The example is delivered with an X11 independent FoxSDKCore version. With the example you can see how easy it is to integrate the FoxSDK into your…

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FoxBurner SDK 9.3.7 released

Today we have released the newest FoxBurner SDK. - New Fox Toolkit 1.7.76 Version to support Visual Studio 2019 Build. - New stripped light library, without Fox-Toolkit and X11 depencies.  Only for registered users. - Source code for dotNet Wrapper-…

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FoxSDK non commercial

Yes, FoxSDK is now available for free, for free projects. If your project: - It is not shareware - It is not a donationware - No spinoff is or has - Has no criminal background Companies that sell commercial software…

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FoxBurner SDK 9.1.3 released

Today we have released the new FoxBurner SDK 9.1.3. Changes in 9.1.3: Added bass library for grab and encode audio Added options for new encoders (Quality) Added bass mixer to burn AudioCD from mono or multichanel files Fixed SetLanguage function…

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FoxBurner SDK 9.0.1 released

A major FoxBurner SDK update is available. Today we have released the new FoxBurner SDK 9.0.1. You have to update your subscription before using this major update. Changes in 9.0.1: Long file path for Windows (0x8000) Delphi VLC fix Better…

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Basic Plan & 1 OS license

Due to excessive irritation with the Basic Plan, it was removed from our licensed range. Existing customers can still purchase the Basic Plan, please contact our support. Also we have decided to offer a one OS only license. Please contact…

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