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FoxBurner SDK 6.5.0 released

The IFoerster Development team has refined once again the FoxBurner SDK, and version 6.5.0 provides the necessary platform to burn, edit, author and copy all of your favorite projects.

With this new release, the Delphi Firemonkey component was updated for Embarcadero Raid Studio XE3 and Firemonkey 2.

Changes in 6.5.0:

  • Fixed the BD-RE burning errors that can occur on some Pioneer drives (e.g. Pioneer BDR-206M).
  • Added Xcode project to the Mac OS X installation package.
  • Fixed the bug in Delphi component that caused access violation after setting the Active property to True at design time.
  • Fixed DeviceReady property in TFoxBurnerSDK Delphi component. The property have been returning ready status for wrong device index.
  • Fixed the issue that might cause write error at the end of the burning process on DVD-R and DVD-RW discs in DAO mode.
  • Optimized data buffering during the burning process.
  • Optimized data transfer during the burning process for modern burners.
  • Ready for FireMonkey 2.
  • Fixed the issue when application on Windows using native x64 FoxSDK might crash after adding a file to some of the projects.
  • Fixed the issue in SPTI layer that can led to unpredictable behavior during a disc burning or disc reading in an application using x64 native build of the FoxSDK for Windows.
  • Fix the issue when adding the empty directory or directory tree containing empty subdirectories on Linux and Mac OS X caused the AddDir() function to return the BS_SDK_ERROR_INVALID_SRC_PATH error code.

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

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