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FoxBurner SDK 6.7.1 released

The IFoerster Development team has refined once again the FoxBurner SDK, and version 6.7.1 provides the necessary platform to burn, edit, author and copy all of your favorite projects.

With this brand new release we added the new FoxBurner SDK sorting feature. This allows you to place your files in your own order on the disc. Please read the FoxBurner SDK Guide about the new sorting feature.

Changes in 6.7.1:

  • Added missing FoxBurnerHelpers.pas;
  • Fixed the issue when some of the files extracted from MRW-formatted UDF discs were broken;
  • Preserve original creation, modification and last access time of files and directories during import;
  • Fix the issue when the SDK could incorrectly detect the sector size of an ISO image file;
  • Fixed the issue that could cause disc verification to fail unreasonably;
  • Added the file arrangement (sorting) feature. This new feature gives user the control over the arrangement of files on the burned discs. Added file priority feature to the MFC DataSample application to demonstrate file arrangement;
  • Added SFileEntry.pUserParam member variable and SetFileUserParam() function, which can be used to associate application-specific data with any file or directory in a project;
  • Added GetFileEntry() API function that can be used to retrieve the SFileEntry structure for any file in a project by its path;
  • Automatically mark the BluRay-Video files in /BDMV/STREAM and /BDAV/STREAM directories of UDF filesystem as real-time;
  • Fixed the issue when the settings panel of the standard MFC BurnDialog could display incorrectly if the dialog has been moved to another position on the screen;
  • Fixed the erase progress measurement algorithm to be more precise and stable;
  • Added detection of a drive’s BD-R XL and BD-RE XL read and write capabilities;
  • Fixed the issue when the timestamps on directories in UDF files system always default to the time when directories have been added to the project;
  • Updated FoxBurner SDK Guide and API Reference;

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

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