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FoxBurner SDK 6.7.3 released

The IFoerster Development team has refined once again the FoxBurner SDK, and version 6.7.3 provides the necessary platform to burn, edit, author and copy all of your favorite projects.

With this brand new release we updated the new FoxBurner SDK sorting feature. This allows you to place your files in your own order on the disc. Please read the FoxBurner SDK Guide about the new sorting feature.

Changes in 6.7.3:

  • Updated sorting feature for better performance.
  • Added missing Samples/C++/Common/FolderPickerDialog.cpp file into setup package.
  • Disabled Rescan button in Burn and Erase standard dialogs during a burn or erase process.
  • Fixed the issue when ReadDirectory() function returns extra backslash in SFileEntry.lpszFilePath.
  • Prevent the sending of a media removal notification and a media arrival notification on Windows after some operations not related to burning, such as import of a file.
  • Added missing icon files for Delphi sample applications, FileProperties.pas and FileProperties.dfm files for Delphi DataSample to the setup package.

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

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