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FoxBurner SDK 6.8.2 released

The IFoerster Development team has refined once again the FoxBurner SDK, and version 6.8.2 provides the necessary platform to burn, edit, author and copy all of your favorite projects.

With this brand new release we added the GetFileAllocationTable feature to all components. This allows you to get extended information about the files on the disc. This feature is part of the smaple FoxImageEdit samples.

Changes in 6.8.2:

  • Added GetFileAllocationTable to .Net component and sample.
  • Fixed the bug in .NET wrapper when CompareFilesForArrangementEvent is invoked with wrong arguments.
  • Fixed the issue in COM object that causes a memory leak and may cause a crash in an application that uses FoxBurner COM object.
  • Fixed the issue when an attempt to burn on a rewritable medium with auto-erase enabled results in “Selected project type is incompatible with session being imported” error, if the RW medium is not empty and already contains a file system different from the file system being burned.
  • Use direct disc reading for verification of the burned files instead of OS file I/O functions. This lets us to not release the disc to operating system prematurely after a burn, thus preventing conflicts.
  • Set maximum value of “Retry Count” spin controls in Utilities sample to 300, because the default value of 100 is less than returned by default by some drives.
  • Fixed the issue when not all burned files are reported by BurnFileEvent and VerifyFileEvent.

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

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