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FoxBurner SDK released

A regular FoxBurner SDK update is available.

Today we have released the new FoxBurner SDK For subscription customers a complete free update.

Changes in

  • Compiled with latest C++ Standards & Toolkits for faster and more secure functionality. *
  • Added BassLib for audio decoding. **
  • Added BassLib plugin support.
  • Added AudioFileSize method to get decoded file size on disc.
  • Added Imagesize method for Audio and Mixed Mode projects.
  • Fixed RockRidge error with MixedMode project.
  • Optimized BD-RE erase function.
  • Added Sector verify to CreateImage & CopyDisk Interface.
  • Added Events for Sector verify available.
  • Added Verify Buffer size to CreateImage & CopyDisk structure.
  • Added BD-ROM support to CopyDisk Interface (Suiteable for Virtual Drives).
  • Updated dotNet & Delphi componet.

* Old Toolkit Version keeped in 2010 folder.

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

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