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FoxBurner SDK released

A regular FoxBurner SDK update is available.

Today we have released the new FoxBurner SDK For subscription customers a complete free update.

Changes in

  • Fixed CreateImage function in Delphi VCL component.
  • Extended Delphi Utilities sample. Added CreateImage and CopyDisk tab.
  • New Delphi help published online.
  • Added “Keep image file” to CreateImage function while verify created image file.
  • Optimized last Sector verify.
  • Extended macOS and Linux samples.

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

Important Info fo Delphi users:
Because VCL is a installed and referenced component, you strongly have to change the paths in Delphi. Else the SDK cannot load the DLL file.

  • Make sure that VCL component is uninstalled with Delphi
  • Install VCL component from new installed FoxBurner SDK
  • Update your paths in Delphi to the VCL component files.
    Library Path:  <install>/Delphi/Win32/Release
    Search Path/Browsing Path: <install>/Delphi/
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