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FoxBurner SDK Completes Successful Windows 8 Beta Testing

The enterprise relationship consummated between IFoerster and Microsoft has led to the completion of Windows 8 Beta Testing for the FoxBurner SDK integration. This is welcomed news for those that are looking to ensure proper functionality as the latest Microsoft OS enters the final stages of development. With so many corporate and private clients, the assurance that all elements of the FoxBurner programming are fully functional when used in coordination with Windows 8 is incredibly important.

The efficient creation of data, video, and music discs has quickly become one of the most important aspects of any useful media software suite, and FoxBurner SDK continues to provide the necessary technology to programmers and organizations across the globe.

There is little doubt that the breaking news that FoxBurner is fully operational within the Windows 8 framework will only further interest in the platform, as well as provide a welcomed relief to companies that already have the applications integrated into their own creations.

The formal announcement is on its way, but consider this to be the initial release:

IFoerster’s FoxBurner SDK has cleared Windows 8 testing and is fully operational in regards to the upcoming Microsoft OS release.

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