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FoxSDK 9.5.1 released

Today we released our new FoxSDK 9.5.1. This version has been completely cleaned up in your interface and some very important security optimizations have been carried out. In addition to these properties, we have also minimized the memory footprint.
Problems with newer drives in the Windows interface have also been fixed.

This version is a feature version and therefore has new license keys. If you have not yet received a new license key, please contact our support.

SourceCode and Android licensees with a valid license have automatically received a “New Branch” email from GitHb.

As of today, expired subscriptions cannot be renewed.

We wish you lots of fun and success with the new FoxSDK 9.5.1

To download the latest FoxBurner SDK, please go to our download page.

Important Info for dotNet users:
Please update your references inside the C# samples.

Important Info for Delphi users:
Because VCL is a installed and referenced component, you strongly have to change the paths in Delphi. Else the SDK cannot load the DLL file.

  • Make sure that VCL component is uninstalled with Delphi
  • Install VCL component from new installed FoxBurner SDK
  • Update your paths in Delphi to the VCL component files.
    Library Path:  <install>/Delphi/Win32/Release
    Search Path/Browsing Path: <install>/Delphi/
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