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Winsen, Germany. 17th May, 2016: IFoerster Development, the German technology leader and innovative product developer, has just released a new version of its FoxBurner SDK. Version 7.0 of the SDK provides full cross-platform backup and recording capabilities.

IFoerster Development has released the new version 7.0 of the FoxBurner SDK, which the company sees as a significant development milestone. The updated version has been developed to incorporate the most up to date technologies, including Lazarus, dotNet, FireMonkey, QT, Delphi and many more.

The company has a long history of collaborating with high profile cloud vendors, working on data backup, data access and fulfillment services. As a technology and development partner of both Google and Microsoft, IFoerster Development is seen as a technology leader in its field. With major clients in Japan, Korea, Australia, China, India, Europe and the U.S.A, the company has considerable reach, and new technology updates such as the FoxBurner SDK can significantly benefit its clients.

The feature set of the FoxBurner SDK delivers one of the only available solutions for fully platform independent backup and recording. FoxBurner works across Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and Google Android.
Ingo Förster, the founder and resident visionary of IFoerster Development, has spoken out on the publish of the newly updated FoxBurner SDK by saying that, “Version 7.0 of FoxBurner is a big technology push for us. For some time now, we have wanted to incorporate some new core technology in to the FoxBurner product. Versions 7.0 sees this want turned in to a reality.”

The FoxBurner burning/recording engine is already used by many industries, including law enforcement, government, health and security. The reason for this is that no other product offers the same feature set, and the same level of performance. The release of version 7.0 of the FoxBurner SDK will ensure that the product will continue to fulfil the technical needs of its diverse user base.

As a final note, Ingo Förster has said, “As a team, we remain fully committed to the continued development of FoxBurner. The input we receive from our clients, gets fed in to the development loop, so we work in improving what really matters to our users.”

About IFoerster Development

Originally established in 2000, IFoerster Development leverages the exceptional experience and skills of its design and development team, to create innovative tech products for a range of clients. Acknowledged as a technology leader, the company has remained on the cutting edge regarding technological innovations and software development since its inception.

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