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IFoerster Development Now Offering the FoxBurner SDK

With the increasing popularity of the FoxBurner SDK (Software Development Kit), IFoerster has assumed the distribution responsibilities of the enterprise segment of the kit’s client base. This is an important shift in the management dynamics, as with enterprise agreements in place with organizations such as Microsoft, General Electric, and IBM, FoxBurner is now poised to experience rapid expansion through the professional management of key relationships.

In regards to user-end productions associated with the popular SDK, Pixbyte Development, a separate, yet related entity, will manage all other aspects of the solution. This helps to ensure that users on both ends of the corporate spectrum are receiving the level of support and interaction necessary to ensure proper integration.

The FoxBurner SDK suite continues to assist companies of all sizes, as the technology is the ultimate media recording platform. And, because the management and conversion of multimedia content continues to dominate the technological world, there is no shortage of need in terms of providing
solutions across a variety of platforms.

The team that developed the popular SDK continues to update the platform, ensuring that those who take advantage of the enterprising integrations can deliver relevant technology despite the rapid expansion and evolution of the industry as a whole. As Blu-rays and DVDs change, so will the integrate software – the IFoerster operated FoxBurner SDK enterprise suite is currently available, and the changes in operational control will only benefit corporate clients.

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