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New FoxSDK QT Samples

With the FoxSDK 9.6.2 release we have updated the QT samples.
We have added the FoxConsole sample and we have extended the common UI FoxSample with more functionality.

You can download this information also as PDF: qtsample_readme


These examples are only intended to show how the FoxSDK works and how it is used in QT. The examples are developed for developers and not for end users and therefore have not passed a major test review. Only the interaction with the FoxSDK was checked with various tests.

What is new:

We have created an entire workspace for both QT examples. You will find the examples xyz and xyz in the workspace. Load the workspace as a project in QTCreator and carry out the basic configuration. The supplied libs are 64bit, so your configuration should be carried out with 64bit and QT 6.x. We do not accept any liability for QT 5.x

Sample structure:

  • FoxSample/
  • FoxConsole/

All needed FoxSDK files you can find in the subfolder „FoxSDK“. Valid for both samples.


FoxSample is a GUI sample application for Windows, Linux and macOS. The example can be started directly from QTCreator without any further settings. The FoxSample maps the basic functions for data projects.


Based on our Windows FoxConsole example, we have created a QT Console example for Windows / Linux and macOS.
The example can be used directly in QTCreator via the “Run” settings. See the screenshot.

FoxConsole options:

  -?, -h, --help                              Displays help on commandline options.

  --help-all                                  Displays help inc. Qt specific

  -v, --version                               Displays version information.

  --eject                                     Eject medium after burn

  --verify                                    Verify data after burn

  --finalize                                  Finalize medium after burn

  --nojoliet                                  Don't use joliet file system

  --eraserw                                   Erase RW before burning

  --boot <Path of boot image>                 Boot image path

  --label <Label value>                       Label / name of the disc

  --cache <Cache value>                       Set size of cache. Default is 4(MB)

  --writemethod <Write method>                Set the write method to write on disc

  --device <device>                           Device to burn to.

  --project <Project type>                    Project type to burn

  --erase <Erase fast>                        Erase the disc in drive <drive>

  --file <File path>                          File with Path to burn to disc

  --folder <Folder path>                      Folder Path to burn to disc

  --iso <ISO image path>                      ISO image file with full path

  --image <image>                             Target ISO image to write.

  --importsession <Session number to import>  Imports an existing session to disc

  --copydisc <Array of additional values>     Copy a disc to another
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