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Simplified license model

Times are changing. We also.
In the future we will only offer 2 standard licenses (royalty-free).

Precompiled FoxSDK
Precompiled libraries for Windows32 / 64, Linux64 and macOS64. (No Arm64 or anything else). With JNI wrapper for Java.

Independent SourceCode license (formerly Android license)
Complete source code with CMake build option. Suitable for all common CPUs and compilers (MSVC, GCC, CLANG). Including support for Android Studio.

Both licenses are valid for 12 months and can then be renewed.

Both licenses contain NO SUPPORT from their base. You have to purchase an extra support plan for both licenses.

As usual, you can purchase or extend an Enterprise license, which will be billed as usual according to runtime licenses. Still with personal support, of course.

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