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How to get Android version

The Android version of the FoxBurner SDK is a lean Linux package common compiled for Linux with Arm architecture (Android). You have to exclude the XWindows components from build to get a Android build. To build this packages you have to purchase the FoxBurner Source Code license.

What Linux you support

You can download the package for Ubuntu 64bit. We have compiled the FoxBurner SDK for a wide range of Linux distributions in the past. You can ask our support department for a special build.

Can I use the FoxBurner SDK on a server

To run the FoxBuner SDK on a server you have to purchase the common license. It is not allowed to use the Basic license on servers.

Can the FoxBurner SDK encode or transcode video

The FoxBurner SDK can burn VideoDVD, Video Blu-ray and Video VCD/SVCD from ready encoded and muxed video files and structures. To encode or transcode video files please contact our support department. We offer different modules with ffmpeg libraries.

What QT compiler I can use with FoxBurner SDK

We suggest to use GCC or Visual Studio to use FoxBurner SDK with QT. We have not tested the usage and compatibility with MingW

What library you use to decode and encode audio

Currently we use Bass Library to decode audio for burning. Encoding is currently done with a free ffmpeg module but will change soon to Bass Library too.

What about code quality

The FoxBurner SDK contain a wide range of UNIT tests. With a special CI workflow we minimize recurring errors while deploy a new version to the public. With our JIRA Board we are able to keep cool heads.

Can I order own functionality

Get in contact with our support team. If your request make sense for all customers, we are fee to create a ticket in our JIRA board. In other cases we can send you a quote for custom development.

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