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Virtual Burner Updated for Windows 8 and 64-Bit Support

The Virtual Burner utility offered by IFoerster under the FoxBurner SDK platform has been upgraded significantly to ensure that it is compliant with advances to the next OS being released by Microsoft. Even as details about the upcoming Windows 8 operating system begin to trickle out onto the web, IFoerster has already taken the necessary steps to test and update the Virtual Burner 2, putting the ultimate conversion and rendering suite in their clients’ hands.

The explosion witnessed in the media manipulation industry has fueled the constant advancement by the Pixbyte and IFoerster teams. MP3, MP4, acc, wma, and ogg formats can all be facilitated, and because audio players are being released seemingly faster than music is created, versatility is

Adding 64-bit support is also incredibly important, as operating systems and media formats continue to advance.

Virtual Burner is an incredibly easy way to customize your software integrations for use either for clients or interoffice tasks. And, because 64-bit advancement and a successful Windows 8 Beta test are in place, Virtual Burner, and the companies that utilize it, will be prepared to advance as the operating systems do.

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